Monday, August 5, 2013

Unexpected Creations

Just when I thought I was going to give up on reading fashion related materials online because I can't be bothered with loading just one picture for the longest time ever, I saw these amazeballs pieces of Serkan Sarier on Refinery 29!

It seems like Serkan just let his wild imagination all out in his Brood collections! The Spring Summer 13 collection is my favorite of all. Hey don't ask me why I'm still into summer ones while fall is right there. Heat is here 24/7 in Yangon Town, and it's never too late to share any beautiful thing right?! Why SS 13 is my favorite - one (or just me) would have never thought how the combo of floral prints and lace could turn out to be so chic and edgy and sexy. If someone ask me to think of a design with floral and lacy materials, I would totally see something girly. But this Brood collection is nowhere like that, and so expected to me.

And it's not only the collection that I'm in love with, it's also about the way the editorials are done here. The background just sort of act like a medium for me to enter into Serkan's world of prints wonderland, and see how he built prints into something to wear. I'm not even sure if I've told you how exactly awesome it is. 

So now, I'll let you see yourself and YOU tell me how you think xxx

Aren't they amazing?!
~ Love ~

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Nothing feels better than waking up to seeing some interesting editorials.
This"Art of the Matter" of Foam Magazine and MSGM for Spring'13 are doing great in showing the fun sides of fashion to catch a younger generation like me (I feel like I'm always 18 btw). A bit of naughty and a bit of carefree seem to be lifting up my sick body. Needless to mention how the stylings - florals and stripes together, or polka dots in different shades, or purple, yellow, orange colorblocking with red lipstick  - have inspired me to be popping despite the sickness....

Great Day Everyone!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Round About

It's the fourth day of another 365 days. I wasn't really emotional about this new year because I am afraid I will fall into the cycle of making resolutions that I ended up giving up! I thought over and over again, then decided to be hopeful and give myself a chance to start over and . I am going to make it special, which is writing it down here and share with you....

Explore more I am starting to realize that I don’t know the city that I grew up in and have been living for most of my life. One foreigner asked me where they could visit to see more of Yangon, and sadly, I couldn't point out more than two places! That being said, I definitely need to go around more within the city or the country, feel the different environments and meet new people.

Learn something Right now I am aiming to learn sewing and sketching, which has nothing to do with other's expectations or my resume. I hope it will be pure learning and pleasure!  

Get a tattooI have been dying for a tattoo for about 2 years now but I just kept postponing it like how I used to procrastinate for homework. Seriously, I am going to get one this year.

Save money monthlyBeing a college graduate, there is no more excuse like I-am-broke-cos-I-got-no-regular-income for me. I am going to save a little money a month to become a millionaire or maybe just to get out of broke-girl status…

Do some workoutI didn’t realize how important working out regularly is until I started sitting 9-5 at work and getting body aches everywhere. Starting something takes courage and keeping it takes perseverance is especially true for workout. So I will just start with something easy that I can keep going on, probably jogging at least twice a week?!

Blog moreI found so many ideas in my notebook that are yet to be posted from last year. I’m not sure if it’s my fear for writing or something else, every time I am about to make a new post, I over-think about whether the content is good enough, whether readers will like it, whether the idea is new or cliché, whether I should just wait until the better idea pop out… I need to get rid of them and just write what I feel like writing, what I think is cool or awesome because it’s my diaries at the end (that’s why you are reading this roundabout now)

Live. Laugh. LoveThis is actually my lifetime goal – to live in the present, to laugh more, to love and be loved. This could just be the recipe for happiness and enjoying every moments through life, don’t you think?

I know you would be reading this, and support me no matter what!

Hey there, if you were afraid like me to make resoulations, why don't you think your goals through and share them with someone who could check up on you, help you along the way and recap after a successful 2013?!

~ Love ~

Images via pinterest