Monday, December 10, 2012

Glittery Jungle

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Oh December... you bring out the glitters and soft feminine parts of my mind jungle... 
Not sure if I make sense, but all I hope is that you are enjoying the last month of 2012....


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Wide Wider Wide

 I know I know... Wide Leg pants have been everywhere for awhile now.
6 feet something models looks so amazing in them. But, as petite as I am, I never thought I would be thinking of owning one.
Never say never right!
After seeing some real-life bloggers like Margaret Zhang in her printed wide leg pants, I think I am convinced enough that it is very versatile to be dressed up or down, comfy and petite friendly!!! That's why I already have a tailoring pair on the way ;) 
What do you think? YAY or NAY???
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~ Love ~

Monday, November 12, 2012


After 4 months of being home, I find myself going through pictures from US of A again and again these days.  I think I am missing the states just as much as I was missing home awhile ago.
I wish I could feel the busy buzz of new york city or the warm sun bath of LA again...
...OR I will just dream about them now!
 Enjoy wherever you are and take loads of photos just in case you'll be reminiscing like me one day!!!
~ Love ~

Friday, November 9, 2012

Black & White

Current inspiration - black & white - attitude, badass, boyish, chic, contrast in all!   

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Hope you have a colorful weekend though!
~ Love ~

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Tropical Fall/Winter

Seeing pictures of fallen leaves and people layering up makes me feel like I'm missing something! For those of you who live in ever green places, are you having the same thought?! Well, girls I'd say that the heat shouldn't stop us from keeping up with the rest of the fashion world right?! 

It doesn't matter what the temperature is, we can still wear a bit of hottest fall/winter nail polish. Easiest way to begin with!
Fall 2012

Taylor Tomasi Hill just showed us how to feel the fall without overheating yourself. So here we go, just top a sleeveless khaki trench on your summer outfit or make it a dress like Anna Dello Russo!
Sleeves Trench

I remember layering up correctly used to be the most important thing for winter in Ithaca. Guess we could still pile up a bit with light materials or crazy prints instead of knits or sweater to create a winter mix and match look! YES!!!
False Layers

No more edgy leather or tight pants here. But who cares when we've got leather shorts, leather skirts or baroque skirts to feel cool and trendy for the winter!
Leather variety
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Happy Winter Everyone!!!
~ Love ~

Friday, September 7, 2012

Back With An Introduction III

Hi Everyone!
Here we are at the last stop of my trip - Inlay!!!
If there's any word to describe this city, it would be "pure" to me! During my one and a half day stay there, I couldn't help but began to agree with the myth that Inlay lake is always clean and that it cleans people off. Whether it was while we were touring around the water city, watching the local businesses, visiting the prestigious temple or just talking to the locals, I could just feel people's naive and modest nature anytime. Besides, the place itself is amazing with open mountain views, sea birds flying around, fishermen fishing over the lake, kids going to school via boats, etc... After the experience, I guess it's all the things that I have mentioned or not mentioned that make Inlay one of the favorite vacation spots for visitors who wish to come out to the nature and enjoy the simplicity!!!!
And this simplicity notes the end of my short vacation sadly!
I hope you enjoy this little introduction about Myanmar, and I will make sure there's more coming!!! ;)

PS: Don't forget to ask about the wine yard for great wine tasting there xxx
Have a lovely day!!!
~ Love ~

Friday, August 31, 2012

Back with An Introduction II

So Let's continue my vacation!
Day 2, we went to see some local business that makes palm sugar, palm wine, etc with mainly primitive methods and manual labor. Then we headed to our destination - Popa - "monkey mountain" according to moi! Popa is another holy mountain for Buddhist, which is about 1 hour drive from Bagan, and it's well known for the pagoda on top of the mountain and the monkeys living there. Ala, before I visited there, I thought monkeys would be cute and nice but reality says otherwise. Climbing up hundreds or thousands of stairs while paying attention to those smart, naughty and sneaky monkeys was quite difficult for the time being! But as we got to the top of the mountains, the landscape view and prayers of other people made it all worth it!
Leaving the craziness behind, we headed to a resort for lunch and just spent the evening in the hotel, dipping into the warm pool with a great Bagan view....
PS: I hope you don't get discouraged by my monkey talk, and actually go there and enjoy the funny 
moments! :)

Since I was away for so long, I am catching up with hundreds of things to do and to share with you, hope I can keep the pace of uploading once every 2 days xx crossing fingers xx
Have a productive day my loves!
~ Love ~