Friday, September 7, 2012

Back With An Introduction III

Hi Everyone!
Here we are at the last stop of my trip - Inlay!!!
If there's any word to describe this city, it would be "pure" to me! During my one and a half day stay there, I couldn't help but began to agree with the myth that Inlay lake is always clean and that it cleans people off. Whether it was while we were touring around the water city, watching the local businesses, visiting the prestigious temple or just talking to the locals, I could just feel people's naive and modest nature anytime. Besides, the place itself is amazing with open mountain views, sea birds flying around, fishermen fishing over the lake, kids going to school via boats, etc... After the experience, I guess it's all the things that I have mentioned or not mentioned that make Inlay one of the favorite vacation spots for visitors who wish to come out to the nature and enjoy the simplicity!!!!
And this simplicity notes the end of my short vacation sadly!
I hope you enjoy this little introduction about Myanmar, and I will make sure there's more coming!!! ;)

PS: Don't forget to ask about the wine yard for great wine tasting there xxx
Have a lovely day!!!
~ Love ~