Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Friends & Our Best Friend

My beautiful girls with one of our best friends "cupcakes"
Never thought baking and decorating cupcakes with my residents/friends could be this much fun!!! Times like this just make my day bright and sunny. And I thought I would share that with you ~
                      Hope you have a super awesome day!!!

PS: Don't forget to give yourself a break and spend some quality time with your love ones!  :)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Spring Blooming


Balmain: Laser Cut Mini

I know I know...that New York Fashion Week just started and is already filled with gorgeous Fall runway looks already. But I am not that concerned with fall yet, because I am just about to revise my favorite looks from spring shows, and collect some affordable pieces for the blooming season that is right around the corner! Here are some of the styles that I love. Hope you like them too!

       Jason Wu (Left) & Alexander McQueen (Right): Peplum    

Phillip Lim: Pastels

Elie Saab (Left) & Peter Som (Right): Blue Maxi Slit


Phillip Lim (Left) & Acne (Right): Oversized 
PS: Don't forget to share your favorite one with me too! 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Testing 123...

                                      Hi Everyone!
                         My first time posting photos of myself!

So after a long day of school, I decided to go for a random photoshoot with my friend Rutie. We went to the Business School, and started our shoot in the walkway.

Such a good poser...Rutie

Just when we knew what we were doing, the camera died on us!! :(

But I still enjoyed this mini shooting experience, and I thought I would post the only pictures that I have as a testing of more photos to come.... :)


Friday, February 3, 2012

Permanent Moment

            Happy Friday!!! My second favorite day of the week has finally come!

As I was walking home from work this evening, I wished the moment froze so that I can be free like a bird without worrying about homework for tomorrow! Then, I passed by this street clock and decided to capture that moment as I had wished. It was the right decision because I found out how to use my new baby camera to make a nostalgic effect.

There are 27 more days of "taking at least 1 picture a day for 30 days" to come.

I have a very good feeling that I will survive, and I hope you survive in trying something new too!

         Now, time for me to catch sleep to work hard for a better tomorrow!
                                  Good night! :)

Second Home for Now

After the whole day of going to classes and meetings, I didn't get the chance to catch the last ray of sunlight for outdoor shoot. So I decided to show you the Ithaca College library where I spend the most time besides my room. My school library is not the most beautiful one, but it sure is the best place to focus and study or nap.... I think that's why it has been my second home since I started college!

What about you? Which place is your second home??

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Try Something new for 30 days

Can't believe I am writing about my first blog ever!!!
Inspired by one of the TED speakers Matt Cutts, I decided to take at least one picture a day for 30 days, starting from today "Feb 1st". I am so excited for the coming 30 days because I just recently got a camera and I am dying to use it every single second. Hopefully it would be a win-win situation as I thought: I would improve my rookie photography skill and I would get pictures for my blog about beautiful scenes, fashion and style that I like, trials and errors in putting my outfits together, things that I find interesting or unique and just everything in my life.

My Day 1 picture was taken near the chapel in my college with last bit of the sunlight of the day!

I just had my first step of trying something new, and I hope you will try something new that you have always wanted to do!
                                           Let's enjoy this journey ~