Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Testing 123...

                                      Hi Everyone!
                         My first time posting photos of myself!

So after a long day of school, I decided to go for a random photoshoot with my friend Rutie. We went to the Business School, and started our shoot in the walkway.

Such a good poser...Rutie

Just when we knew what we were doing, the camera died on us!! :(

But I still enjoyed this mini shooting experience, and I thought I would post the only pictures that I have as a testing of more photos to come.... :)



  1. awww you two are so cute!! that's funny the camera died on you lol been there, done that! ;) xoxo B

    1. thanks ^-^
      lol...i guess it should be like a common experience for people who love taking photos then ... :)
      thank you for visiting my blog :D