Friday, August 31, 2012

Back with An Introduction II

So Let's continue my vacation!
Day 2, we went to see some local business that makes palm sugar, palm wine, etc with mainly primitive methods and manual labor. Then we headed to our destination - Popa - "monkey mountain" according to moi! Popa is another holy mountain for Buddhist, which is about 1 hour drive from Bagan, and it's well known for the pagoda on top of the mountain and the monkeys living there. Ala, before I visited there, I thought monkeys would be cute and nice but reality says otherwise. Climbing up hundreds or thousands of stairs while paying attention to those smart, naughty and sneaky monkeys was quite difficult for the time being! But as we got to the top of the mountains, the landscape view and prayers of other people made it all worth it!
Leaving the craziness behind, we headed to a resort for lunch and just spent the evening in the hotel, dipping into the warm pool with a great Bagan view....
PS: I hope you don't get discouraged by my monkey talk, and actually go there and enjoy the funny 
moments! :)

Since I was away for so long, I am catching up with hundreds of things to do and to share with you, hope I can keep the pace of uploading once every 2 days xx crossing fingers xx
Have a productive day my loves!
~ Love ~

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