Monday, August 27, 2012

Back With An Introduction!

Hello everyone!
It's been so long that I don't even dare to count how long I have been away...after taking a break, settling down, having friends reunion, etc etc, now I'm back!!!
As soon as I landed here, all I was thinking was how to introduce Myanmar to you all, some of whom might still have to look at the map to locate where it is... :/
Luckily, I got a vacation with my friends awhile ago, and here we go - we will start with Bagan!!! Actually, Bagan is the perfect place to begin Sunshine's Diaries in Myanmar! With thousands of temples or pagodas in your sight, every single one of them has its own story to contribute to our culture and history... So, even after visiting a very few of them, you might already know more Myanma history than I do!!!
That's why the first thing that we did as soon as we landed there was visiting some of the famous temples!!! It was truly amazing how magnificent and peaceful they were, decorated with gold, flowers and candles.... 
After the spiritual moment, we went biking around the hotel, feeling like a local! I would say it is another must-do in Bagan simply because you can see much more about the city itself while you bike. Ohh...biking along sunset would make you feel like living the painting ok (just a tip)!!! 
That is for the first day of my trip and here are some photos for you all. :)
Traditional Tea Salad!
 My pictures didn't capture even the slightest beauty of Bagan at all, so I hope you can come see it yourself!!! ;)
Hoping to see you all here!!!
~ Love ~

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