Monday, May 28, 2012

Met in NYC

Okie, after this amazing day at Metropolitan Museum of Art, I know why it's a must go to place in the city! Parisian arts in the Stein Collection, Bauhaus designs, colorful American arts, magnificent Roman sculptures and countless works are there, waiting for people to explore. 

My Two art history classes finally paid off in the museum. I think I know how to appreciate the artists and their pieces better now, knowing their styles and their era! I was like a little girl in a big candy shop, in awe with everything for the whole day... 

Also, I was lucky enough to see Prada special exhibition, where I had the chance to look up all their all time delicacies close up. I was able to spot some of the spring 12 collection but the rest were unknown to me. So right after that, I made a decision to learn about the history of some of the classic brands. Let's see how that goes :) 

There were no photos allowed there, so I couldn't share the awesome exhibition with you. :(
 For now, here are some of the shots I snapped in Met. Hope you like them!

   PS: Rooftop Garden views are amazing too, so don't miss out on that when you go!!!
~ Love ~

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