Saturday, May 5, 2012

Taking A Moment Off

I thought final week was going to be bad, but I was wrong. I was completely buried in the books last week with only 2 finals left for final week. I am just very thankful that I survived my last week of undergrad classes. Now, it's time to come back to my diary and share some of the happenings in my life with you. 

These pictures were taken while me and Rutie were taking a break from the library and sneaked into the theater department. At one point, we thought we were broadway starrs on the stage: me- the studious girl wearing denim on denim, rutie - the singer...... lol, it was fun I must say. I think it was moments like these that helped me pass through last week. 

So please don't forget to take a break from your busy schedule to have some fun or relax!!!! :)

 Wish you all have a relax weekend!!!
~ Love ~