Sunday, April 29, 2012

Some Great Steals

Lace Peplum Dress
As much as many of us would like to be those models wearing all the beautiful pieces from the latest magazine editorials, reality always keeps us in check. But that doesn't mean that we can't look like them with affordable clothing right?! So I thought I would share some of the spring/summer steals from forever 21 with you that could make us trendy without being broke. Hope you find something nice....
~ Love ~

Sleeveless Jacket
White Blazer

Faux Leather Bra Top

Floral Tulip Top


Lace Dress   
Cut Off with Lace Trim
Tribal Skirt
Colorful Rhinestone Necklace
Cutout Cuffs

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  1. loving the faux leather bra!

  2. Forever 21 really is the best. I need to make a trip there, it's been far too long!