Monday, April 2, 2012

Decision Decision...

Hi everyone... I am urgently in need of your help!
I saw these 3 lovely bags on asos that fall into my list of 1. the summary color and 2. under the budget of a broke college student! Every single one has its pros and cons. I wish I could get all three of them, but reality is I CAN'T! I am aiming for a practical, comfortable and casual one that can go along with almost everything.
So, which one do you think I should invest in???

1. ASOS canvas contrast handle shopper, $39.39
2. ASOS contrast buckle clutch, $32.23
3. River Island neon strap satchel, $62.67

PS: asos is having some good sales right now. ;)
Happy Shopping!
~ Love ~


  1. Number 3! Definitely number 3!!! 2 is a bit too bright and 1 looks like a bag from a supermarket. 3 has a simple, yet bright design to give a positive outlook. Just my 2 cents...

  2. Number 3!! yes! so amazing and versatile!


  3. I think if you're going for extremely casual, 1 would be good, n if u need versatility, then 3 is best one. 2 seems too formal n would need specific outfits for it.

  4. Number 3 or number 2 YuYu!! I would go for number 3 more since its super versatile.