Friday, April 20, 2012

I'm Not Normal!

Hi Everyone!!!!
I am just so excited to be back to my little blogging world after the whole week of catching up with scientific papers! And it was killing me so badly for not being able to share anything!

Over the weekend, I got a message that "Normal's not enough" from the battlecry conference for youth ministry. Aside from the religious inspiration, it kind of reminds me of " Why fit in when you were born to stand out?" Being normal is not a bad thing, but also don't forget that everyone is special. For me, it has a special meaning especially now that I am graduating from college in 3 weeks but I'm still not sure about what to do. 

While I am sorting things out, I constantly reminds myself to not trying to fit in and be part of 'normal' created by the society, but to be true to myself. Yes I am a biochem major student. Yes I am thinking of working in fashion industry right now. My path might be different from what people consider to be 'normal'. But I am not going to suppress the love for fashion and arts nor am I going to deny the desire to work in a hospital, helping patients. I will do where my passion leads not where people think I should be because 'normal' is not enough to make me live my life! 

So If you have characters, ideas, passions or dreams that is different from the majority, please don't give them up so that you can be seen as being normal! Actually, make sure you hold onto them and fight for them and let youself shine for who you are. 

Ohh wow..I didn't expect to write this much. Hope you don't get lost and overwhelmed in all the words!!!

Photos taken by Rutie
  Have a super awesome weekend! :)
~ Love ~

I was wearing
Battlecry 'Acquire The Fire' Shirt
H&M Leather Pants
Burmese velvet sandals

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