Thursday, April 12, 2012

Melting Pot

Give me 5 minutes and I will put on everything that I have. Yup, that's exactly what I did today. Rushing to go to class, I started layering myself as fast as possible and when I knew, I already had denim, chiffon and leatherette on myself. I guess days and nights of reading fashion blogs is starting to get me into mix-matching different materials or styles like a melting pot ...

I wish I could show you this lovely orange shirt by itself, but I got it all tangled at the back when I wore it with a chain bag. So now, I can only wear it with a jacket or something which cover its beauty. :(

Lesson learned: Pay special attention when you are wearing chiffon materials because they are so thin and delicate that anything could scratch them.
Photos taken by this beautiful Sara!

      My weekend starts today because I will be away for a conference/retreat. 
So see you all when I am back!
Have a great weekend!!!
~ Love ~


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    1. Gracias! Thanks for stopping by & happy blogging! :)

  2. Sara, you take some amazing photos! And gorgeous outfit as usual Yuyu. I like your leggings too! :)

  3. love those pants...


  4. Hi dear!!!Everything i like!!!Kiss,Jelena<3