Friday, March 23, 2012

Intensive Hues

Images: via Fashion Gone Rogue

Happy Friday Everyone!
I love how these pictures give me some unknown roaring feelings, maybe, because of the intensive colors. They are like spices for food, adding up tastes in life. Can you imagine how boring our lives would be without colors?!?!?!
Have a colorful weekend!
~ Love ~


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    1. Thanks for reading sunshine's diaries, dear!
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      Happy Blogging!!!

  2. Thank you sweetie, I just follow back!:*

  3. I definitely can't imagine life without colours! Inspiring, I think it's etched into everyone's mind that spring has to be all about pastel colours but now I'm tickling to mix in a bit more tropical palette!

  4. this is a really sensational post :)

    love the rich hues!