Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Oversize Much?

It's such a blessing that Ithaca has been 70 degrees these days, and everyone just seems to be happier! :)

I am also happier with my new super over-sized green shirt that's perfect for the weather. The moment I saw the shirt, I was in love with the color and the texture but not the size. It was too big for me to even pull off as an over-size shirt/dress. But I still bought it, and tried it with a simple shirt and jeans yesterday. I think I like the look overall, and got some mixed reviews from my friends.
What do you think? If it were you, what look would you try with that shirt??

Pictures by Rutie and Me!
 Hope you are having a nice day like I do!!!
~ Love ~


  1. You're beautiful! I love your spirit :)))

  2. You can carry anything well !!